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Inside the BuilderChain Network, construction industry cohorts like you come together to meet and support one another, get answers to burning questions, and build thriving communities. You'll also have access to exclusive feature betas, help from the BuilderChain team, and weekly show-and-tell from other construction industry cohorts.

What is available to anyone and what is available to BuilderChain members only?

Available to everyone on the BuilderChain Network you can find:

    ● Summaries for New Projects Proposed for Construction
    ● Open Bids for Construction Projects
    ● Online Stores for Construction Trade Contractors and Material Suppliers

Available to members on the BuilderChain Network you can find:

    ●  My Network Opportunities
    ●  My Customers
    ●  My Projects
    ●  Consortiums (aka Neighborhoods)
    ●  Industry Cohorts (individuals)
    ●  Industry Organizations (companies)
    ●  Metropolitan Markets
    ●  Residential Subdivisions
    ●  Residential Floorplan Designs
    ●  Contract Management
    ●  Risk Management
    ●  ESG Management
    ●  Agile Management
    ●  Process Management
    ●  Event Management

Many other features and industry specific functionality too long to list here.

Also Available to our members is our Online Community where learning, collaboration and new ideas can occur. Within the BuilderChain construction industry community, you will find areas for:

    ●  Events
    ●  Announcements 
    ●  Say Hello
    ●  Resources
    ●  Ask for Help
    ●  Give Feedback or Advice
    ●  Share Your Wins
    ●  Discussions

We are adding new areas to further enhance your community experience.

​​How do I join?

To join the BuilderChain Network and Community, you need to become a member. Once you request to join the BuilderChain Network you will automatically receive an invite to the network and unlock all the network functionality and online community features.

Where can I learn more?

We’d be happy to give you a personal tour of BuilderChain Network. Find a spot here to chat with a member of our team. You can also browse our knowledge base and all our latest events and projects.

See you inside!