Our Vision

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Our Mission

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Our Values

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Who We Are

BuilderChain provides a blockchain-based, construction marketplace and digital industry ecosystem that includes a completely agnostic and consistent business operation and coordination (scheduling) platform.

The BuilderChain platform integrates with all existing construction applications via API's or when necessitated, Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

What We Do

BuilderChain makes it easy for construction organizations of all sizes to effectively participate in the fourth industrial revolution.

We accomplish that goal by delivering first-party turnkey business services, or enable other third-party organizations to deliver many of the other services needed by our construction industry marketplace participants.

With the BuilderChain platform, their is no need for "business transformation", you start out on a completely transformed platform, leveraging the most powerful business automation and workflows. No additional effort on your part. You benefit immediately, not months or years later.

Our Why 

To remove ALL subjectivity and misalignment of interests from business transactions, which creates TRUST.

- Pascal Ray 

Who Is Our Community For?

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